March 2018.

It was this delicious, moist, vegan and gluten free carrot cake - for my grandmother. Messily decorated with crushed walnuts and dried pineapple slices. Humble, yet irresistible to the tastebuds of both vegans and non-vegans alike at the dinner table.

That’s what got it all started. Family throwing jokes around that I should start selling cakes. The seed got planted that day…

A month later, there I was. 19 years old, on the eve of my 20th birthday. I was feeling a strange mix of ambition and responsibility - plus I found myself craving sweets. I started to really picture what a life could be like as a cake maker. Surely, that’s not even allowed?! Don’t I have to work the 9 to 5?!

To no surprise, the idea of baking vegan treats for a living was enough. I set up my business and became the first 100% vegan (and gluten free!) cake business based on the Northern Beaches.

My goal since then has become to provide cakes that are not only beautiful and delicious, but insanely good, mind-blowing. To get people saying things like “But - this doesn’t TASTE vegan!”, “I thought vegans only eat lettuce. This is incredible”, “You could turn me vegan!”


So, my job was done.

Comfortably, with the support of all my loving customers, my parents, plus my part time hospitality jobs over the years, I have now fully moved onto Sugar Baby Vegan Cakes as my “full time job”.

Most days it feels ridiculous to call it that. “Work”? Getting to express my creativity whilst showing (a small part of) the world how easy veganism is? AND sometimes spare cupcakes to eat? Truly, I feel so blessed.

Thank YOU for being part of why I can live my fantasy as my reality.

P.S… I use the same carrot cake recipe to this day. xx