My name is Juliana, and I am the creator of Sugar Baby Vegan Cakes :)

I hand-create and bake every single cupcake and cake (& more!!) that you have eaten out of the Sugar Baby Kitchen!!

My passion for cooking started when I was young, I always LOVED food. However, I really wasn't good at cooking - I just knew I had the passion for things that looked and tasted good!

One day back in 2018 I stumble upon a dilemma. 

A cake for my Grandma's birthday.

Surely, I can make a cake that is vegan and gluten free, and tastes JUST AS GOOD if not better than the standard cakes out there? Surely?!

So, I set off, and miraculously I created the best cake I ever made (to that day)

My family joked about selling them.  Little did they know they planted a seed in my mind!!

Next thing you know its current day, 2022, and this is my full-time job!

I make up to hundreds of cupcakes every week, respond to all your lovely emails, and every other task a young entrepreneur-business-owner deals with. Who would have thought that 19 year old me starting up a little cake-biz side gig would end me up here.

HUGE MENTION to my beautiful family & particularly my parents who have been so supportive throughout my journey. They put up with me starting at home, probably with my dishes everywhere (now I'm in a commercial kitchen space, yay), my dad helps me EVERY single market I do - to set-up, sell, & pack down. Mum has helped me with countless deliveries over lockdown 2020 & 2021 and been an incredible emotional support.

And, both have been amazing taste-testers for my new flavours and products over the past 4.5 years. There are some perks of having a fabulous baker daughter, after all, haha.

In my spare time, I'm still dreaming about vegan food, typically savoury, though cupcakes always seem to find their way back into my heart... I love spending time in nature, the ocean, exploring spirituality, spending quality time with my loved ones and doing pole dancing at ShowPony Pole & Burlesque (its the place to be!!)

I often get asked where I see the future of Sugar Baby going - do I want a shop, do I want to expand, to do this/that...truth is I don't know. But what I do know for now is I love serving all of you and seeing you be all so excited, impressed & wowed by vegan cakes. It is a blessing to have a job with flexibility, passion, love and kindness, to serve both you and I.

Thankyou for supporting me and allowing me to support you too (with cake & lots of hugs!)

Juliana xx