Icing only on top and inbetween layers - no icing on the sides.

Perfect for: a less sweet option & a rustic look


A thin layer of icing that covers the sides of the cake, but the cake is still visible through the icing.

Perfect for: a less sweet option & a rustic look

Full Coverage

Cake fully covered in icing (including sides and top)

Coloured Designs

Full coverage icing in different designs: ombre, watercolour and rainbow.

Avaliable in Medium & Large size only

Surcharge may apply.


Full coverage icing with textured stripes - horizontal, vertical and diagonal 


8" x 2 layer cake

serves 18 - 20


Medium Tall

8" x 3 layer cake

serves 26 - 30



6" x 2 layer cake

serves 10

(or 12 small slices)



8" x 4 layer cake

serves 35 - 40


Large Tall

8" x 6 layer cake

serves 55 - 60 





1 flavour per tier - 2 flavours total

Small Tiered

6" x 2 layer cake +

4" x 2 layer cake

serves 16 - 18


Large Tiered

8" x 4 layer cake +

6" x 4 layer cake

serves 55 - 60


Medium Tiered

8" x 2 layer cake +

6" x 2 layer cake

serves 28 - 30


*Large style and tiered cakes come in a "double barrel" style, meaning:

A large sized white dowel goes through the whole centre of the cake, with a thin cardboard cake board halfway through the cake, and four small white dowels underneath the cake board.

The purpose of this is to support the cake during transport and when on display

Here is a great video and cutting tips for tiered cakes:

Serving portions

Above size portions are referred to as either a regular "birthday serving" or a smaller "coffee serving".

e.g a Small cake serves 10 birthday slices, or 12 coffee serves.


"Coffee serves" are smaller slices often used for large functions, weddings & gatherings.

If you need assistance or advice on how to slice and serve, just ask!  Happy to help! 

Slicing Suggestions:


100% vegan + gluten free

Toppings are FIXED to the flavour you choose.

See the flavour list HERE to see what I use.

Edible flowers are optional to add to any flavour.

If you would prefer a different topping or design - no problem, just let me know in the enquiry form!


chocolate drip (white or dark)

edible gold leaf 

coloured icing designs

chocolate dipped berries

fresh florist flowers ($30+)

GOLD happy birthday sign- $8