Do you have a store front? How to BUY CAKE?!

No, Sugar Baby Vegan Cakes does not have a storefront.

All treats are baked made-to-order, in a commercial kitchen.

On SUNDAYS, I am usually at Markets - check my social media pages for updates!

How to order?

Firstly check out the menu HERE.

Once you are decided, fill out the enquiry form HERE​.

Shortly after your order is placed, I will get into contact with you via email to arrange any finer details, chat about your order, and arrange payment + pickup details.

Is everything vegan?

You betcha!

Everything made is 100% vegan friendly – my products will never contain dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin, carmine!

I have been vegan for 7 years, so you can be sure to trust me being devoted to creating only cruelty free sweets.


If you’re being doubtful about vegan cake - check the Reviews page  to see what you’re missing out on!

Coeliac friendly?

I take considerable care into preparing all of my products, every product & ingredient being gluten free itself. All my equipment is dedicated GF too. Many Coeliacs safely consume and enjoy my cakes!

However, the kitchen I work in also handles gluten containing products - so whilst very unlikely, there is a small chance of cross contamination of gluten ingredients in my products.


NUTS - ALL of my recipes contain almond meal.

I am constantly working with nuts in the kitchen and other cake orders containing nuts. 

I do not recommend my products as safe for those with severe nut allergies or intolerance.

I also work with these nuts: walnuts, pecans, peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamias, and pistachios.

SOY - All of my recipes contain SOY.

Are your cakes FRESH?!

Absolutely and always. Right down to the homemade applesauce! 

Desserts that are SO fresh, I grow my own edible flowers to decorate with.

Making orders fresh does mean I require more time and notice, so I can custom make your goodies to perfection. I require at least a weeks notice for orders.

Picking up

Upon submitting an enquiry form, you will be asked to select a preferred day & appointment pickup time for collection in Brookvale.

Minimum Orders

I am more than happy to cater for small orders!  However, this does mean a limit in options and flavours;

Cupcakes: 12 mini cupcakes or 6 regular cupcakes with ONE flavour choice.

​Cakes: Small size, 6" x 2 layer cake (feeding 8-10) in any ONE flavour of your choice.

Full details of all styles, options and pricing are available on the MENU

Order Cut Off-s

Orders require around one week notice. I may not be able to take orders if I am booked out, so get in when you can!

Orders close on TUESDAYS for the coming week & weekend ahead.

Payment Methods

I accept online payments via bank transfer.

Orders cancelled within 48 hours are non-refundable.

Orders cancelled within 3 days prior to event may be 50%  non-refundable pending on the order.


I ALWAYS recommend for cakes to travel sitting on the FLOOR of the front passenger seat, with the seat moved back, if needed.


This is the safest way to travel. It should not move around & is conveniently out of sunlight too. Crank up the A/C if it’s hot out!

DO NOT place cakes on the SEAT of the car as seats are not level or flat, and the cake could slide around while in transport.


For CUPCAKES, the boxes also best suit travelling on a flat surface e.g. the front or back seat FLOOR. For larger cupcake orders/boxes, I recommend a flat space in your boot. (Some car seats may be flat enough to store cupcake boxes as they are sturdier than cakes, but flat surfaces are best where possible).


You can have someone hold your cake or treats for you too – just make sure they have the box completely flat, resting on their legs.


Floor is always the best option where possible!

Storage & Shelf life

HOT CAKE TIP: Cakes almost* always taste better at room temperature!


*cheesecakes & meringue tarts should generally stay refrigerated, but are OK out of the fridge for  3 – 4 hours.


CUPCAKES: refrigeration not necessary if being consumed on day of pickup.

If being eaten the next day, keep in the fridge and take out around 4 (or more) hours prior to consumption.


CAKES: keep refrigerated where possible, and ideally take out of the fridge around 2 -4 hours before consumption. It may depend on the weather, humidity and conditions of the day:


Warm days (28c – 35c) – take out 2–3 hours before eating - is out ok for 4-5hrs

Cooler days (15c – 25c) – take out 3-4 hours before eating - is out ok for 5-6hrs


Please also keep the cake out of direct sunlight, and avoid hot, humid rooms where possible.



LEFTOVERS – any leftovers can be stored in the fridge – and stays & tastes best within the first 2 days, and can stay good 3 - 4 days from pickup.


If you’d like to freeze* any cakes or cupcakes, it is possible! Just pop into a container, or wrap it up and place in the freezer. Then defrost on the bench for a couple hours before having a lovely post-event treat!


*cheesecakes & meringue tarts should not be frozen

*any fresh fruit toppings will not freeze well so remove (or eat!) them first.