Do you have a store front? How to BUY CAKE?!

No, Sugar Baby Vegan Cakes does not have a storefront.

All treats are baked made-to-order, in a commercial kitchen.


Pickup only, in Dee Why

How to order?

Fill out the enquiry form HERE​.

Shortly after your order is placed, I will get into contact with you via email to arrange any finer details, chat about your order, and arrange payment + pickup details.

Is everything vegan?

You betcha! And just as delicious too. 

Everything made is 100% vegan friendly – my products will never contain dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin, carmine!

I have been vegan for 8+ years, so you can be sure to trust me being devoted to creating only cruelty free sweets.


NUTS - ALL of my recipes CONTAIN NUTS (almond meal).

I am constantly working with nuts in the kitchen and other cake orders containing nuts.  I do not recommend my products as safe for those with severe nut allergies or intolerance. I also work with these nuts: walnuts, pecans, peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamias, and pistachios.

SOY - ALL of my recipes CONTAIN SOY.

GLUTEN - ALL of my products are ALWAYS GLUTEN FREE! 

Many gluten intolerant folk & Coeliacs safely enjoy my cakes as every product, ingredient, space used in the kitchen - including equipment - never is in contact with gluten products.